Benvenuti in TANABATA ようこそ
Benvenuti in TANABATA ようこそ
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OHISAMA First steps

OHISAMA First steps

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di Emi Yamamoto, Junko Ueno, Yoshie Mero

ISBN: 9784874247570

Kurosio Publ., 2018

Japanese Textbook for Children

For age 4  and up

Child-friendly illustrations, photos, varied topics of conversation and fun activities enrich children’s knowledge of Japanese all while stimulating their intellectual curiosity. This textbook also strengthens children’s powers of perception and aims to strengthen their ability to express themselves and make them effective communicators. Children’s awareness of Japan and the world will expand, promoting cross-cultural understanding. 

This is a great textbook both for educational institutions such as supplementary Japanese schools, Japanese schools abroad, and for parents who have children in multilingual environments. 
Make this “the first step” to expose your child(ren) to Japanese and to start learning it!

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