Benvenuti in TANABATA ようこそ !!
Benvenuti in TANABATA ようこそ !!
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Masu has become widely acknowledged as a vessel for serving Sake, as well as a symbol of good luck.
The term “Masu” translates to “growth” in Japanese, and is thus an icon of prosperity and great happiness.
Masu is also used in sacred rituals, and holy offerings are often presented to the spirits in the Masu box.
On the day before the official start of spring, it is customary for farmers to offer beans in a Masu box to pray for a rich harvest.
Masu is unique because it is put together wedging together precisely cut pieces of wood and applying a very small amount of adhesives, without the use of any nails.

Using a copper plate, the kamon is stamped and branded directly on the Masu.
By branding the patterns on wood, the charred cypress creates a natural taste.

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