Benvenuti in TANABATA ようこそ !!
Benvenuti in TANABATA ようこそ !!
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The Quiet Art of Japanese Zen Calligraphy

Learn the Wisdom of Zen Through Traditional Brush Painting

di Shozo Sato

 ediz. Tuttle, 2014 - isbn:  9784805312049 - 176 pag - 24 x 32 Cm

In this beautiful and extraordinary zen calligraphy book, Shozo Sato, an internationally recognized master of traditional Zen arts, teaches the art of Japanese calligraphy through the power and wisdom of Zen poetry.

Single-line Zen Buddhist koan aphorisms, or zengo, are one of the most common subjects for the traditional Japanese brush calligraphy known as shodo. Regarded as one of the key disciplines in fostering the focused, meditative state of mind so essential to Zen, shodo calligraphy is practiced regularly by all students of Zen Buddhism in Japan. After providing a brief history of Japanese calligraphy and its close relationship with the teachings of Zen Buddhism, Sato explains the necessary supplies and fundamental brushstroke skills that you'll need. He goes on to present thirty zengo


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