Benvenuti in TANABATA ようこそ !!
Benvenuti in TANABATA ようこそ !!
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The art of the Japanese Sword

The art of the Japanese Sword

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The craft of swordmaking and its appreciation

di Leon and Hiroko Kapp - Yoshindo Yoshihara

ED. Tuttle, 2012 - ISBN: 9784805312407

In The Art of the Japanese Sword, master swordsmith Yoshindo Yoshihara offers a detailed look at the entire process of Japanese sword making, including the finishing and appreciation of Japanese blades. With 256 full-color pages, this sword book illustrates in meticulous detail how modern craftsmen use traditional methods to prepare their steel, forge the sword and create the unique hardened edge. By gaining a good understanding of how a sword is made, the reader will be able to appreciate the samurai sword more fully.

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