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Visions of the japanese garden - Written by a Japanese court noble nearly 1000 years ago, Sakuteiki, or Records of Garden Making, is the oldest known treatise on the art of Japanese garden design. Composed during the Heian period, this work delves into the culture and customs of ancient Japanese society, offering insight into the Japanese view not only of gardening, but also of living life. At a time when even the art of setting stones was seen as a spiritually significant and aesthetically powerful act, Sakuteiki serves as a metaphor for the Japanese way of life, powerfully illuminating the overall culture of ancient Japan. Along with ample technical advice on how to build a garden (much of which is still adhered to by traditional Japanese gardeners today) Sakuteiki reveals four unique visions of Heian-period gardens. Authors Marc P. Keane and Jiro Takei offer a clear and succinct translation, and through extensive annotations and introductory chapters, provide the knowledge required to understand the secrets held within this ancient text. With extensive black and white illustrations, detailed commentary, and a complete glossary, Sakuteiki invites readers into the world of ancient Japanese garden design, exploring the role of religious tradition, nature, and the use of spirituality in the construction of a Japanese garden. This wonderful and ancient text is sure to entertain and enlighten gardeners, scholars, and historians well into the next millennium.